Spend less time paying and more time doing.

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Turn your car into a payment method with Payklever.
Drive straight through and never handle your cash or cards.

How does it work?

Transform Your Automobile

Sign up for Payklever and receive a discreet sticker to put on your vehicle’s windshield. The sticker replaces everything in your wallet, so just drive! Payments come out of your account automatically. No need to stop.

Turn Car Payments On

When you receive the sticker you’ll get instructions to activate your account and attach a payment method. Payklever works with VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover and Paypal- it’s seamless.

Pay As You Drive

Make transactions at drive-up businesses like garages, gas stations and drive-thrus without handling your cash or card. Drive straight through and skip the lines.



Drive Straight In.
Drive Straight Out.

Parking Meets 2017

We’ve eliminated garage entry gates and paper tickets, which makes parking quick and easy.

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Drive-Thru Pay

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Gas & Go

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